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As we all know that the World Cricket Championship is always the heat topic in every May and June. Almost every corner is discussing this event. Last week , I have recommended the latest movie :     Sachin :A Billion Dreams and other three hot movies including M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story(2016), Azhar (2016) and Kai Po Che! (2013). They are all the good works of Vidmate movie. Today I am going to introduce another interesting movie to you :

Ferrari Ki Sawaari


Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a 2012 Hindi sports drama film, and was released on 15 June 2012. Ferrari Ki Sawaari film is a warm story that it shows the big dreams of common people, how the dreams change their lives in one night. It was a little boy’s story and his passion for cricket. His father Sharman Josh wants to give his son the best and help him to release his dream.

His son had a dream to play on the main cricket court just like the world cricket championship. In order to fulfill his son’s dream, the honest father carried out a little dishonest act for the first time in his life. He borrowed a red Ferrari for an hour but did not inform it of the legendary owner.

This Ferrari car passes through a chaotic street thug and the world of popular weddings. At the same time, another legend unfolds – a grumpy old man and his secret wounds, as well as an epic confrontation that dates back to fifty years. Ferrari Ki Sawaari was shot at the board court in London.


It seems that every common person has his own dream, whatever big or small. When we have a dream, we can not help to do whatever we do to fulfill it. When we are running for our dream, it seems like the whole world is helping us. The person who try to help us is like an angel sent by the heaven. Father Sharman Josh is like that angel. I think that we all have an hero. We call him DAD. I will recommend more vidmate movie for you next time 🙂

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