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In the new film “Dunkirk”, Nolan in the film began to subtitle in the form of clear to everyone that I have to start my favorite time and more space staggered fancy non-linear interpretation of the. The first line is the soldiers of the Dunkirk port to be retreated, the second line is the response to hold their own yacht with two children came to Dunkirk to rescue the British old man, the third line is blocking the German air raid The British Air Force. Compared to the previous Nolan film more space for more time to talk about the way, this time the same way did not leave any suspense, so I do not agree with the war film into “Pirates of the dream space” argument, perhaps in the narrative way Nolan, but the effect is completely different, this time interspersed to bring more is clear, three story lines overlap each other also makes this only more than an hour large tracts full of thickness.

The idea of “Dunkirk” came from Nolan and his wife and friends and traveled through the strait to Dunkirk, and during the trip he saw a book about “generator action”. For us, referring to Dunkirk, even if they do not know what is known to the back with a “big retreat” three words, let alone for an Englishman. I would like to pass through the experience of the Straits and see the book when crossing the sea Nolan chose the “generator action” perspective. That is, put aside Dunkirk big retreat of the most eye-catching why Hitler ordered the cease-fire of this big gimmick, abandoned the more able to create a confusing atmosphere of the powerful LSD: Britain, France and Germany politicians in this rare historical events behind Political game. Nolan did not tell the story of all the way he was told again, but more experimentally let the audience themselves in this historical event in a walk, to experience what happened at that time. For such a historian noisy World War II big case occurred so many years later to see the parties to go dig deep to dig who do more or less some horse after the gun, the director did not want to take the audience to this muddy water tour A pass, more is to give us experience the moment, surrounded by the Germans, no way to retreat, alive to the kind of sense of urgency and sense of urgency and expectations.

At the beginning of the film is a few British soldiers in the dilapidated streets picked up the Germans sprinkle the flyers, leaflets clearly shows that four hundred thousand British and French troops have been surrounded by the German forces in the northern region of the small area, only Dunkirk small port can do Sea retreat. Then the soldiers were attacked by the Germans, flew all the way to the emergency evacuation of the terminal. As a familiar historical story, this is undoubtedly the beginning of the short and straightforward to be surprising. Casually a person said Dunkirk this story at the beginning of most of the “World War II began shortly after the German attack on France … …” or “German artillery fire and then quickly four hundred and forty thousand troops died in a small port can see the rewrite of the history of the node Hitler issued a ceasefire … “. I did not use this layer of bedding to the story and the characters to contrast the more full way of opening, I think on the one hand and the topic related to the director from beginning to end want to talk about are only “generator action” rather than the entire Dunkirk event, Moreover, this is not a typical Hollywood personal heroism theme film, the protagonist of the lines probably no more than ten lines, three lines interspersed together and even people do not know the film there is a protagonist, so do not need a lengthy story To contrast figure. Maybe we started for the war film Imagine the audience sitting, waiting for the director to take you a little bit into the story into the story into the atmosphere, but this time, the director did not say anything to put a bomb, and with three The lead from three directions at the same time lit, so that the audience feel.
One thing with the majority of the war film is different from the whole story almost no enemy figure, in addition to the end of the British pilots burned aircraft by the German captive when you can see a few fuzzy German figure outside the film did not appear in Germany. Nolan to mobilize the tension of the whole film a key factor, the enemy on the screen outside, placed in the audience’s own heart. We can always feel the enemy here, where, underwater, after the dunes, in heaven. This may be “Dunkirk” the most powerful place, everywhere no way to escape again and again accompanied by a perfect sound lead to adrenaline soaring.

The end of the film and the beginning of the same fresh and direct, retreat success, the soldiers home. Although not a personal heroic film can be understood as a collective heroism film, the film appeared in two cheers, once the British people respond to the call yacht fishing boats arrived in Dunkirk by the soldiers cheered, no doubt Is the climax of the whole film is the most shocking part of the subject matter. The second cheers are tired soldiers returned to the country, by the people warmly welcome, the soldiers themselves some overwhelmed, that we just fled back, but for the people, the original plan to take thirty thousand soldiers back home finally come back thirty Even if it is a victory victory, but also a great victory, so that this is not a typical war film, no guns on the guns on the blood of the gun, but the failure of the victory. The young man from the newspaper seems to be Winston Churchill’s speech, this speech has soundtrack retained. The real historical data itself on the end of the story is probably more tear, but it is like the beginning of the director does not intend to use Hitler to do a gimmick to earn the same eye, the end of the director did not intend to use Churchill to make tears. This speech is only according to the British little brother to see the newspaper reported the results of the incident, there is no incitement, did not advocate, only three hundred thousand retreat back to the motherland companions. This is the whole movie my favorite part of the film did not appear Churchill, Hitler etc. around the event all known to a few historical figures, but completely put aside these stand in the war curtains The eye of the command of the war, to concentrate on those who braved the fire at the forefront of the little people. The enemy hidden in the hearts of the audience, to shape the history of the great people hidden in history, but the director of the responsibility of the sound and the screen to tell the story, you can say “Dunkirk” is a movie to achieve my expectations.

Finally, accompanied by the presentation of Churchill’s speech in the newspaper“Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous states have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

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