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This really is a different sort of movie altogether. Not really a normal thriller movie of latest time. With large amount of mystery it calls for the misery of the Spanish immigrant and her battling existence. She suffers to satisfy her daily needs. She does anything to generate money.

This movie is connected using the negative side of wealthy people of Newyork city. Along this additionally, it creates a fascinating atmosphere and large amount of suspense concerning the torturing procedure for the wealthy people. Completely you aren’t sure what will happen next. What violence will grab her.

Ana Asensio deserve lots of credit as she’s the author, director and also the central role from the movie. To begin with she’s written an remarkable script combined with sorrow, discomfort,sufferings,horror and violence. Next she’s directed the film pretty much because the movie begins with the straightforward story from the immigrant girl but soon reaches it’s pick once the original bet on shadows began to flourish. And lastly being an actress she’s produced perfect moves to attract the figure from the feelings and tears from the central role.

Some audience might find the film a little harsh because they may find it hard to tolerate the cruelty of human mind as a result of the darkest side in our mind. Some might find it a well known movie because there are several near nude and seminude scenes within the film. But aside from all of this it’s an excellent movie of saddest part of the immigrant existence with many different appeal and mystery in addition to thrill inside it.You can find more torrent movie download in Vidmate.

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